My 1st lesbian affair 1 of 10

Hey, I guess you can say  I'm a normal 30 year old woman, man and kids but I'm a undercover bi chick. I love me some pussy. Me and my man always watch porn and while we screwing Im thinking about the chicks in the movie. I've had several lesbian affairs and he knows nothing about them.

I met this one chick on the internet. We chatted for a few hours, exchanged pics, realized she lived right close to me, so she invited me over and of course I went. I took a shower, shaved my coochie and off I went.  She stayed in an apartment with her baby son, just got divorced and wanted to explore. She was cute and had a banging body. It was akward at first but we chatted and got comfortable. We started kissing, soft wet sensual kisses, she ran her fingers through my hair, and I rubbed  her big soft titties and my pussy got so wet. I never felt anybody's titties (but mine) and they were so soft!! I She began to rub my titties and rub my coochie through my leggings, she could feel the warmth. She invited me to her room and I followed. We layed across her bed and kissed some more. I took her shirt off and her bra and her big 40DD breast popped out. DAMN!! I rubbed her nipples until they were rock hard. I put her hard nipple in my mouth and nibbled on it gently, she moaned in pleasure. I took my shirt and pants off, she undressed and we lay on the bed. I reached over to feel her hot wet cat while she sucked my titties. I opened her coochie lips with my fingers and she is soooo wet. I put one finger in her pussy and she moaned, I fingered her wet pussy and said fuck it, let me eat this shit. I scooted down and opened her legs, she gently grabbed the back of my head and pushed my face in her pussy. I slicked her clit like a lolipop, and sucked it like a now later. She moaned and bucked until she came! My pussy was so wet from eating her out, she got a dildo out of her dresser and asked it she could use it on me. She slid the dildo in my wet pussy and I told her to slid it in and out hard and fast. She began to lick my clit and fuck me with the dildo, my had began to spin and I came. She continued to fuck me with the dildo. She took a strap on out and asked me to fuck her with it. I licked inside her pussy hole and ahe got nice and wet. The strap on had to be at least 12 inches. I spread her legs and and began to stick the dildo in her and she whispered "I like it rough", so I rammed it up in her and began to fuck her like no other I put her legs on my shoulder and fucked the dhit out of her! When I felt she was about to cum I went down on her and lapped up all her juices! SHe rolled me over and began to eat me from behind, she stuck one finger in my ass and licked my pussy from the front to the back. I rode her tongue like it was dick. She licked and sucked until I came again. WE lay there and kissed and promised eachother we would do it again!

army wife,
damn..thats hot
2008-09-03 13:16:08
2008-09-03 14:49:54
Yessir! That was sexy!

*already waiting for part 2*
2008-09-03 15:21:32
What website? Lol
2008-09-03 21:12:59
Ms. Honey,
Wow!! that was definately hott!!! Im ready for part 2...
2008-09-03 22:27:42
yeah that was a hot nice if it was real tho. hmmm....this is my first visit to the site and i must say..some of this stuff is OUT THERE. my life experiences are for more interesting and real might i add but...good read none the less.
2008-09-04 08:41:58
Damn that story was a good one. Can't wait for part two...... You have my pussy wet.
2008-09-06 20:51:23
Damn my pussy is soooooo wet right now this story got me wanting to eat some pussy and get my pussy licked.
2008-09-11 08:33:26
okay freaks,
ammmmm alyuh in here is a bunch of nasty whores no fucking lie. u are a lesbo but u want someone to fuck u with a dildo when u could be taking some man down dey street. u american's yes!1
2008-11-24 05:59:08
lol @ okay freaks,
k so....she already had a man...she got some extra...
dont hate foreigner...if you don't like americans get the fuck out..

yea btw the story was sexy...for real
2009-01-09 14:09:30
mz.louis vuitton,
Yep good ass story.More filth
2009-12-11 03:23:55
NICE I like
2010-01-02 00:25:56
suck me,
That was sooo hot! sexy much???
2011-06-04 19:00:10
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