I am a 25 year old girl. Very athletic, nice body and very pretty face. I am in school studying to get my Masters. The town where my college is located has a rich social network where college kids can relax, have a drink, go dancing, hang out and meet people. It was  Spring Break, and I did not want to travel all the way back to my home town and I had some papers that I needed to write for when school started up again. One night, a female friend and I decided to blow off some steam and relax. We went to a house party in the local town. She and I have gone to these parties in the town before and there has never been an incident. We were hoping to maybe meet some guys and chill out socially- (No sex, just chill, drink, and have fun). Well as the night wore on we met two townnies (guys) that seemed okay. They danced us up and offered us drinks. We are smart enough to know to get our own drinks to avoid date rape drugs. But we followed them to the bar to not make our suspicions that obvious. They were part of a larger group of people at the party that came together, about 15 people, women and men, that were all from the town. Soon enough some of their friends (females and males) joined us and we were wll dancing and interchanging partners( male and female) I noticed 1 particular girl was not dancing specifically with another guy, but kept cutting the guys I was dancing with to dance with me. I did not think this was odd at first, because women dance with each other all the time, espcially if they know each other and there are not enogh men to go around. But there were plenty of men at the party, they outnumbered the women, so what was her problem. Then she chatted me up and it turns out that she was a grad student at the same college studying Biology. I thought this was interesting because she was with the group of party goers that were from the town. Usually, the townies do not socialize with the students to the point where they form a close enough bond to go to parties together. She says that she is from the town and those were her  friends that  she went to high school with. So thinking nothing of it, I began asking her what classes she was taking cause we were in the same graduate year but I never saw her before hanging around the Grad Quad. May I add, the school is very large and it really is impossible to know everyone, even people that are in your same major. Since, my major was Veterinary Science, there are some classes that would coincide with a Biology class. So we got to talking about professors and the like. We had none in common. All this while still innocently dancing. Now, there was no sexual attraction on my part. I just thought that this was a female that wanted to make another female friend. Stupid ME! I must have been blind. Should have known something was up when she was knocking the guys over and squeezing herself in the mix. Subtlely she did this. I usually have great gaydar, but it must have been off that night. Maybe a combination of the liquor and me worrying about my term papers, she caught me off guard. Well reggae music came on. And we all know about reggae music... the grinding to the beat.  As the base boomed, she shouted, "Oh thats my song" and started pumping her booty (which was clad in very tight jeans by the way) and grinding her hips. 1 guy saw this action, and thought she needed someone in back of her grinding back, so he thought that he would oblige. Well, he grabbed her by the hips, and pushed his dick into her firm buttocks, dry humping. She abruptly pulled away and gave him a look that could kill. He got the picture. She came closer to me while I was just doing a side to side motion and said " I hate when guys do that, he's a jerk" Well she played it all non chalant, I know this now, but at the time I was a little tipsy and just enjoying myself, but she was edging that booty up against me, but not in an obvious way. The dancefloor was crowded so I did'nt think much of it. She backed up more pretending that she was lost in the music to realize that she was grinding on me. And I really could not escape cause by then, a guy came behind me and I was the meat in a GRINDER sandwich. As her booty touched my private area, a thrill ran through me. Wasn't sure at the time if I was thrilled from the guy or her . But considering what happened next, I know that it was she that was thrilling me. After the dance I was worn out, just didnt think about what she did. Still was in a somewhat drunken stupor and was thirsty. She asked me if I wanted some water, cause the sweat was pouring off of me. My friend that I came with was wrapped up in a corner with a dude, so i did not want to bother her. Plus it was a girl getting me a drink, not a dude.But then the trouble started..... TO BE CONTINUED 

I hope you continue this before I get off work
2008-09-19 12:01:41
gurl finish da story damn lol
2008-09-19 12:03:54
Oh no... what happened? Must not be too bad since you liked it....

Tell us more details please!
2008-09-19 12:04:56
Cool part one
2013-04-13 02:25:42
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